Beef Cross-Cut Shanks

Braise for fork tender dishes like Osso Buco & Beef Bourguignon!
Best prepared low & slow.
2-3 Shanks makes a large meal.

Beef Liver

Beef Liver is rich in vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need.
The best animal-based source of Vitamin A!

Beef Short Ribs

3 Bone, English Cut Beef Short Ribs.
Best prepared braised or slow cooked.
3 Short Ribs makes a family meal. Try the Bison Short Ribs Also!

Beef Sirloin Tips

Our Beef Tips are cut from the top sirloin.
Boneless & Lean, great for soups/stews and easy family meals.
1 lb. pack

Beef Tongue

Beef Tongue has been a part of many different cuisines all over the world, and is also popular here in East TN!

Weights will vary

Bison Cross Cut Shanks

You will receive 3 Bison Shanks.
Slow cooked, or braised they will melt in your mouth!
Prepare as you would a traditional Beef Roast.

Bison Short Ribs

3 Bone, English Cut Short Ribs.
6 ribs per order.
Full of Flavor, slowly cooked or braised.
One of the most underrated cuts of the Bison!

Chuck Roast

Chuck Roasts are the ultimate when cooked slow and steady!
Tender, moist and rich in beefy flavor.

3 Lb. Avg

Flank Steak

The Flank Steak is cut from the rear abdomen of the beef, just behind the plate.
Bold Flavor! Great for fajitas, stir-fry or marinate and simply grilled.
Cut across the grain!

Gold Label Boneless Ribeye

Our Gold Label, Boneless Beef Ribeye Steak.
Hand selected to provide you with a top quality steak experience.
These Ribeyes are a top seller!
Avg. 16 oz.

Ground Beef

Double Ground, perfectly blended and packaged in 1 lb. Tubes.
Our Ground Beef is always a top seller.

Bulk Pricing Available.

Ground Lamb

Ground Lamb has many applications from meatballs to tacos!
A lean, flavorful option for ground meat!
1 lb. pack

Holston Beef – Gold Label Gift Box

Our very best gift package is the perfect holiday gift for your most special friends or family.

Sample the best that Holston Beef has to offer with this holiday package that includes;

• 4 Gold Label New York Strip Steaks
• 4 Gold Label Ribeye Steaks
• 4 Gold Label Filets
• 4 Bone In Pork Chops

Holston Beef Gift Box – Steak Delight

Need a unique gift? Give the gift of Great Steaks!
This box includes some of our finest cuts and will be a gift well received!
• 2 Gold Label Filets
• 2 Gold Label Ribeyes
• 2 Gold Label New York Strips

Lamb Ribs

Delicious Lamb Spare Ribs.

A unique cut, great on the smoker or oven roasted.

2.5lb Avg.

Leg of Lamb

The leg is one of the leanest, most succulent cuts of the lamb .
A popular choice for a Sunday roast or Holiday Meal!
Avg. 3 1/2 to 5 lbs.

Pork Belly

Great on the smoker for “Burnt Ends”
Unseasoned & Uncured
Average: 1 lb.

Premium Beef Box

Our most popular assortment for your table. Includes a Roast, Steaks, Ground Beef and our distinctive Holston Steakburgers.

1 Pack Steakburgers
1 Pack Ground Beef
1 Holston Beef Chuck Roast
2 Gold Label Beef Filets
2 Gold Label Boneless Ribeyes