What separates Holston Beef from others?
Simply stated, Our commitment to consistency!
Our goal as farmers is to provide a delicious, consistent product worthy of being served at your table.

Is our Beef Grass Fed or Grain Finished?
All cows spend the majority of their lives eating grass on pasture. Beef can be “finished” in different ways. You will see various labels on your beef like “grass fed beef”, “grass finished beef”, “natural” and “grain finished beef.”

Grain finished beef spend most of their lives grazing. What makes them different from grass finished beef is that during the last 6 months of their lives, our cattle are fed a diet that also includes locally grown grains.(Corn, Oats, Wheat and Barley)

These high protein, high energy rations help our Beef to reach their full potential of tenderness, marbling and flavor.

How are Holston Beef Products shipped to my location?
At Holston Beef Company, delivering freshness directly to your table is more than just a promise. We understand that when it comes to beef and livestock products, freshness is paramount, and that’s why we’ve invested in the best shipping methods available. Our custom-lined perishable boxes, packed meticulously with dry ice, stand testament to our commitment. It’s not just about delivery, but about ensuring that every bite you take retains the farm-fresh quality, taste, and texture. Because for us, there’s absolutely no substitute for delivering the finest, freshest farm-to-table products right to your doorstep.

Holston Beef Products use Fed-Ex Overnight Shipping for in-home delivery. You may also pick up your order right from the farm. Choose LOCAL PICKUP in the online shopping cart.

Not just a Beef Company!
Beef is where we began, we also offer exceptional cuts of our farm raised Pork and Lamb, as well as locally sourced Bison.